Lucy Bai's Lab

The Bai Lab uses a variety of strategies to understand the mechanism of gene regulation by chromatin structure at different levels.
David Gilmour

David Gilmour's Lab

We are interested in understanding mechanisms of transcriptional control in eukaryotes and are currently focusing on the function and mechanism of promoter proximal pausing.
Ross Hardison

Ross Hardison's Lab

Ross and his co-workers measure transcriptome profiles and use epigenetic marks and comparative genomics to predict gene regulatory modules.
Manuel Llinas

Manuel Llinás' Lab

Research in our laboratory is focused on understanding the mechanisms of gene regulation in Plasmodium.
Shaun Mahony

Shaun Mahony's Lab

We are computational biologists who develop machine-learning methods for understanding gene regulation. In particular, we aim to understand where transcription factors bind in the genome, and what they do once they get there.
Frank Pugh

B. Franklin Pugh's Lab

Our research is aimed at understanding how genes are regulated. This knowledge is key to understanding and fixing diseases like cancer. We want to know the mechanics by which all gene promoters are turned on and off.
Joe Reese

Joseph Reese's Lab

We are interested in understanding chromatin structure, gene expression, and DNA damage resistance pathways.
Scott Showalter

Scott Showalter's Lab

We apply biophysical chemistry techniques to understand the function of partially disordered proteins and to define the features of protein-RNA interactions.
Song Tan

Song Tan's Lab

Our goal is to understand how gene expression is regulated. We study the molecular mechanism of gene regulation chromatin enzymes, in particular, the structural basis for how chromatin enzymes recognize and act on their nucleosome substrate.
Yanming Wang

Yanming Wang's Lab

We study epigenetic mechanisms that regulate the expression of tumor suppressor genes of the p53 pathway. In particular, we study the role of histone Arg modifications catalyzed by peptidylarginine deiminase 4 (PAD4/PADI4) in gene regulation.