The principal investigators for the Center for Eukaryotic Gene Regulation, specifically Dr. Mahony, Dr. Bai, Dr. Wang, Dr. Gilmour, Dr. Reese, Dr. Pugh, Dr. Hardison, Dr. Llinas, Dr. Showalter, and Dr. Tan, all collaborate to have a Fall outing.  They provide for this event each Fall in order to have the newer graduate students, new rotation students and postdocs be able to meet and interact with each other.  Frank and Song in particular want individuals from the various labs to meet one another in an informal setting where there was plenty of time to discuss projects, and to foster a sense of unity among those who are a part of the Center.  They have found this annual retreat helps to address the issue of lab members not being aware of the opportunities afforded to them by being a part of the Center.